Kona, gra przygodowa z elementami horroru i survivalu

Kona (2017)

Detective game with elements of survival and a story that even Agatha Christie wouldn’t be ashamed of. I invite you to the blood-curdling Kona.


Canada, 1970. We take on a role of a private detective named Carl. We get an assignment to carry out an investigation. Our client is Hamilton, recently there have been multiple acts of vandalism on his territory. We ignite the engine of the old pickup truck, light a cigarette and drive to a town named Kona. Our travel goes quietly until we encounter the first obstacle- a closed bridge… It’s only getting worse after that- a car accident, mysterious murders, numerous disappearances and paranormal occurrences… Does it sound interesting? Hell yes!


The story is interesting from the very beginning and Carl’s narration adds charm to the whole adventure. It was quite a strange feeling when I started the game not really convinced, but then got immediately hooked on it for hours. The graphics is on a decent level, the ambience of snow-covered Canada and the feeling of constant danger make the player discover new things with excitement. The story itself has been constructed in a logical way regardless of our approach to paranormal motives. Kona is a product that doesn’t hold the player’s hand; I like it, but it would be nice if there was an element making it easier to navigate, at least a compass. Checking the map every moment isn’t very convenient. Navigating with a controller doesn’t cause any problems, although we’re talking about FPP view. What’s the most charming about the game? Ambience, ambience and once again the ambience of the 70’s, Canadian winter and the mysterious story.


The game is definitely worth recommending. Whom for? Mainly the people who are hungry for adventure games, fans of “The Vanishing of Ethan Carter” and those who don’t have much time for playing but would like to experience a fascinating adventure. It’s been so long since the last time I had fun with a production that came out of Kickstarter hatchery of ideas. I honestly recommend it.

Translated by: Vicky Radziemska














  • Canada’s ambience
  • Story
  • Riddles
  • Light survival
  • Main character’s narration


  • Radio with only one song
  • No compass
  • Map loading

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