Okładka Gry Mad Max

Mad Max (2015)

Postapo world will always be intriguing- you’re on your own, cannot count on anyone. It’s all about survival- to kill or to be killed. Most people will choose the first option, but what about Max?


Max’s persona is an essence of the film series. There’s a lot of bitterness, anger and hopelessness towards the destroyed world. He lost everything- his home, family, he got lost in pain. It’s all too much for him when he loses his car. Fortunately Chuma comes to the rescue- a guy who sees a god, a hero of the wasteland in us. He himself is like a creator who wants to help us build Opus Magnum (Latin: a great work) and defeat Scrotus, the cruel lord, who is the reason why we lost our mean of transportation.

Max is a tragic character. He seems to have accepted the death of his family, but is that for sure? The demons of the past deeply rooted in his memory start to come back to life, one after another. He keeps taking risks; in the end he has nothing to lose. We travel through the wasteland in search of fuel, scrap metal and new challenges killing everyone who come in our way. In this journey through madness we get help from Griffa, a mysterious character who slips into Max’s mind and strengthens it. Apart from collecting parts to build Opus Magnum we also have another goal- to get to the Plains of Silence, which are like a lost paradise, or perhaps the peace gained at death…


The story is really impressive, there are a lot of side quests waiting for us and the dialogues are good. The Warner Brothers Studio has done a great job. Graphics is on a really high level; all elements look realistic and are impeccable. The attention to detail is pleasing to the eye; those small things like a leaking fuel from exhaust pipe are the cherry on the cake.  The sound of running engine cause a lot of joy and make the heart beat faster; the driving physics is also on the good side, as well as random sand storms and tornadoes which can really catch us off guard and hurt badly. The world has been constructed in an exquisite way- all these light reflections, weather changes, driving physics, fight mode, enemies and the incredible undergrounds. We can also find stuff like postcards and info from the past. I’ll be honest- it was really nice to read these old notes and listen to short, but to the point comments from Max.

Additionally we have character development through doing all kinds of quests and upgrading our vehicles. To me it’s perfect! Below you can find evaluation of individual game elements and pros and cons.

Translated by: Vicky Radziemska

Mad Max








Difficulty Level





  • Mad Max’s character
  • Meticulous graphics
  • Vehicle driving physics
  • Raw desert climate straight from a movie
  • Alluring story


  • Monotonous at times
  • Few minor bugs

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