Orcs Must Die, doskonały tower defense

Orcs Must Die! (2011)

Nowadays it’s hard to find a good tower defence game, but luckily an aged product of Robot Entertainment comes to the rescue. Let’s see if Orcs in their own sauce taste delicious.


Thanks to the bloodthirsty Orcs who slip through the cracks into the human world, the world is standing on the edge of existence. Only a powerful Mage can push away the oncoming waves of enemies, but unfortunately he dies tragically. The world is lost, but is that for sure?


We start the game as a Mage’s apprentice, who, let’s say, isn’t quite bright, but has a good heart and will do everything he can to save people. Generally our aim is to stop the Orcs reaching the nearest portal, which isn’t an easy task. At the beginning of the game we have only a small choice of weapons and traps, but it’s okay, it will increase as we progress. For finishing each level we get a certain amount of skulls- that amount depends on the difficulty level and few other factors. We have different types of traps: classic ones like tar which slows down enemies, arrows shot from the walls and more sophisticated like exploding barrels or fungi spores. “Orcs must die” is one of the most interesting tower defence games on the market and you can feel it on every step. We start from small levels with only one crack and one portal, then we finish on large maps we can get lost on.


What can I say, it’s a great game to play! Interesting levels give a considerable freedom of trap placement. Enemies’ models are well made; I dare to say that enemies from part one look better than the ones from the sequel. We have a large choice of traps, so replaying the levels to get 100% at everything isn’t boring. The biggest flaw is the lack of co-op mode, but luckily part 2 got this fixed.

Translated by: Vicky Radziemska

Orcs Must Die! (2011)

Orcs Must Die!













  • Replayability
  • Cool soundtrack
  • Traps
  • Orcs models
  • Sense of humour


  • Lack of co-op mode
  • Lack of level creator
  • It’s quite short even with the DLC

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